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Carol Reed-Jones, MM, is a children's author, music teacher, vegetarian, concerned eco-consumer, and the author of Green Weddings That Don't Cost the Earth.  She has a master of music degree in music history, teaches music at a Montessori school, and travels to schools as a visiting author, teaching poetry writing, and reading from her children's book, The Tree in the Ancient Forest (Dawn Publications, 1995). 

Green Weddings is the first and, at this point, only book entirely dedicated to wedding planning with the environment in mind.  The book came about because Carol and her husband-to-be could not find any books on wedding planning that shared their values and concern for the environment.  So, based upon their experience and the experiences of others, she wrote a book on wedding planning with an environmental focus, including vegan reception recipes, and sources of organically-grown, natural fiber fabrics and wedding clothes.

Carol has been a guest on radio shows around the country, and has been interviewed for articles on green weddings by writers from E Magazine, the Portland Oregonian, the Chicago Tribune, and others.   Reviews of her book have also appeared in Vegetarian Journal, The New Age Journal Sourcebook, Bridal Guide, Self, Country Connections, and Library Journal.

Carol has taught Green Weddings workshops, given punch and vegan wedding cake tastings at bookstores, and is the editor of the quarterly Green Weddings Newsletter. She strongly believes in living in ways that preserve the earth and all life on it.

She and her husband live in the Pacific Northwest with two cats, Sadie and Tenaya, and dog Shadow.







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